Welcome to our place!

It has been eight years since we began this website for the purpose of trying to find our missing son. The site grew into a forum where friends and family could post memories and thoughts about Josh, along with some of his writings.  We had so much response about the encouragement people received from reading the postings that we kept the website renewed.

In the face of devastating circumstances it is necessary to take aggressive steps to rebuild, and thus began our adventure.  Never would we have dreamed it would lead to New Hampshire, but drastic events brought drastic changes.  And they have been very good.

The story is truly the Lord’s, for we left California in 2002 not knowing for sure what we were going to do.  A seven-month rest in Jacksonville, Florida, proved to be a stepping-stone to New England.  We had much to learn quickly to acclimate to a land far more demanding in its seasons than what we had known.  For a family born and raised in California, the harsh New England winters were a great challenge and danger.

March 6, 2003, Valerie slipped on ice, landing on tailbone and head.  Three years of intense clinging to the Lord followed as the family learned to cope with life on the edge of death.  The Lord miraculously opened the door to neurofeedback in 2006 and allowed a recovery of adventure-of-another-sort to begin.  Life has demanded daily victories.  What could be more adventurous than that?

Today we live on a small farm with a milking jersey and heifer, Highlander beef cattle, chickens, bees, a flock of Icelandic sheep, a pair of American Guinea hogs, and a Great Pyrenees that watches over everything.

In light of so many constant answers to prayer, we have named our place Udder Hope Farm.  The Ancient Hebrew picture of El-Shaddai, one of the first names of God in the Bible, is “the Mighty Teat”–so abundant and Life-giving are His blessings!  We have found it to be so.  In the darkest hours, in the most confined places, He has been there!  Thus, our Hope.  God is utterly faithful!!

May you find Him to be so, too.

Paul and Valerie Strieby














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