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For those who see, much is shown;
For those who see, there is much sorrow,
For those who see, much is required.
Such is the way of
Here lies my beloved brother,
Both strong and kind,
Unrelenting and forgiving,
An example, yet a follower
Take heed, dear reader!
For such as these are found among us
Trees of Life!
Dwellers in Christ!
These words are my perpetual garland
Raised to grace forever my brother's ashes,
Though paper and ink eventually pass away.

—Camille Strieby



         For those who may be seeing this web site for the first time, this is our story, memories, letters, and news articles about our beloved first-born son. Josh was not seen after the evening of February 21, 2001. The following pages will tell the rest of the story and of how Josh, who loved to walk and pray, kept his eyes on Jesus and lived for Him with a whole heart. We are so blessed to have had a son with such dedication and fervor. We pray that your faith will be strengthened as you read the enclosed......


April 2004..... Update... We miss our son very much, but God is so good! He makes a way when there is no way and He keeps us in His care. What more could you ask for? Our family has now moved to New Hampshire (God's country some would say). Josh would love it up here. We owe much to our late son. Our lives have changed for the better. Thank you, Josh, for being who God made you and thank you, God, for making Josh. Sometimes it is hard to understand the why of things, but you have to put that aside and trust. Life is full of un-knowns, but it is faith in Him that brings us through. It is, as Josh has said, all about Him!!! If we miss Him in life, then we totally miss Life. . . . God Bless.... Strieby family...

March 12, 2001
Our son, Joshua Strieby, of Chico is missing. Although no specific evidence of foul play has been found, our family and friends are greatly concerned by this very un-characteristic disappearance. Josh had talked with friends Wednesday night, February 21,2001, but did not show up for work the next day. Josh is 25 years of age, 6'2" tall, weighs 185 pounds, has blue eyes with light brown hair, and may be wearing a black-and-gray plaid wool coat.
If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Josh Strieby, please E-mail us..

(March 16, 2001)
As some of you already know, we received a call on Thursday, (March 15, 2001) which informed us that Josh's body was found in a rural area of Cohasset. They found Josh lying under a tree in his black and gray coat with a sweatshirt rolled up under his head. It looked like he layed down and went to sleep. No foul play was detected. We believe that Josh never intended things to go this far, but was caught by circumstances and his desire to pray for others.

Our family is truly blessed to have so many friends standing by us during this time. If you would like to e-mail us, we would encourage that. If you have any comments concerning Josh, please send an e-mail and I will post your comments here on our website. I think this would be a great encouragement to all. We will be posting some new remembrances of Josh as time goes on.

His love for the Lord was very strong and his desire to be with Him is fullfilled. Although his life was short from a human perspective, it was complete in Christ.

God Bless All....
Josh is truly in His hands..

Here are some more thoughts.....

God is SO good.....
Even in the middle of the pain, He is faithful....
He is our strength...
He is the light that guides us.....
He is the strong arm that holds us up...................
He is our eyesight when all we see is death, He sees life...............
He is our song when we don't want to sing................
He is our comfort when we think there is none.....
He is our all in all, worthy to be trusted in all things.....

God Bless....




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