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For those who see, much is shown;
For those who see, there is much sorrow,
For those who see, much is required.
Such is the way of
Here lies my beloved brother,
Both strong and kind,
Unrelenting and forgiving,
An example, yet a follower
Take heed, dear reader!
For such as these are found among us
Trees of Life!
Dwellers in Christ!
These words are my perpetual garland
Raised to grace forever my brother's ashes,
Though paper and ink eventually pass away.

—Camille Strieby


Comments about Josh
October 20, 2003

Dear Strieby Family,
My Name is Pam Klein and I was just going through the internet and found the
web site on Joshua. I want to thank-you. I don't know if I ever met you but Joshua
played his trumpet in the worship team at First Church of God in Red Bluff and I
was the leader then. I knew his grandpa Stanley Hinkle also. I wish I had written
this sooner but I am new to e-mailing and the internet. I loved Joshua so much
and i did get to attend his memorial and was so glad to hear all about your family.
I was so blessed whenever he played with us in church. I could listen to him all
day. When we started coming to Neighborhood church a few years ago, Joshua
always looked us up and prayed over us many times. I just knew he was so special
and I loved to look across the church and watch him in worship( I knew I shouldn't have, but it was such a blessing to watch him worship). He was truly in love with
his Lord and Saviour. I pray your family is doing well and I will never forget Joshua,
he will hold a special place in my heart. God Bless you. Pam Klein

it is November 2001 and I just recently found out about Josh going home to be with the Lord. My name is Melissa (Young) Vonderohe and I graduated from Beyer High School in Josh's class. I was also in band. My most recent memories of him, however, was at Chico State. I remember passing him on the campus and we would always say hi to each other. I graduated from Chico State in 1997, so I think we both attended the university for only one year at the same time. It was through the Chico State Alumni magazine that I first learned of his passing a few weeks ago. Today, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, Josh came to mind and I decided to look up information on the website. Little did I know that I would find such a wonderful website dedicated to Josh's life. I did not know Josh too well, but I did know He was a Christian. It has been a blessing to read about his life and find out how much he truly did love the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing your son's life with us through the website. May God continue to comfort and bless your family as you continue to cherish and share the memories of your son with others.
In Christ,
Melissa Vonderohe
September 26, 2001
Only recently, within the last half hour, did I read of Josh's passing. While many people may believe that there isn't a way a close friend wouldn't know about this sooner, I honestly just found out. I had just written Josh an email, asking how he was, and it was returned to me. I looked up his phone number to give him a call, and there was no answer. I then went online to try and search him out, and I suppose you can tell what I found. Thank you very much for the web-site on Josh. Although my past half hours have been filled with an unbelievable amount of tears and heartache, it has also been full of love and knowledge that Josh is with our Heavenly Father.I first met Josh in September 1998, three years ago now, in Washington, D.C., at a conference for the Society of Physics Students. I was a junior in college at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. We made fast friends, hanging out together through the day, and touring the nation's capitol in the dark of the night. We had a blast together, and promised to always keep in touch. We did, and for the first couple of months, we even considered dating, but because of the distance and because of what was truly in our hearts, we knew it better to be friends. However, I can still remember sitting on the floor in my dorm room talking for hours with Josh on the phone. What wonderful memories! Josh and I continued to keep in touch, however, because of the distance, it grew harder and harder. We started e-mailing once a month, sending cards or letters whenever possible, and calling and leaving each other messages. Once I received a 17 page letter from Josh and a whole slew of beautiful seaside photographs... one of which is framed and on my dresser, and my favorite, one taken under a pier, given to my current boyfriend as part of a present. I think Josh and I both knew that we would be friends forever, regardless of how often we kept in touch. I heard from him last in November 2000, with a phone call and an email, and I emailed him back, knowing that I would probably hear from him within a few months. Life carried on and I graduated from college, never worrying about whether Josh was still there or not. It wasn't until this summer that I started to think about talking with Josh again, and while a few of my emails went unanswered, I never received them back before, not until now. I could say that I regret not having kept in better touch with Josh, however, such regrets are at best worth nothing, and I know in my heart that even though our correspondences were far and few between, they were nevertheless meaningful. I remember first talking with Josh about Jesus Christ. We were sitting on the Metro in D.C., and I noticed the ring on his hand that had a cross or crosses on it. I asked him about it, and truthfully, ever since, I was hooked on knowing more about Josh's relationship with Jesus Christ. Although I attended Lutheran grade school, I never truly understood the full potential of my relationship with Christ until I met Josh. He brought me back into the fold, and each correspondence between us discussed our relationship with God. And, as I mentioned, I do not for one minute doubt that Josh is in heaven, and such that he should be. I cannot help but be happy for him, even though now I will not be able to share and talk with Josh until I too one day join him.I can't deny that the findings of today were shocking and upsetting. However, if it wasn't for the web-site, I never would have known the truth, and may have gone through the rest of my life wondering what had happened between me and my dear friend. Again, thank you for all of the information that is provided there. For a short while I will mourn his passing, but each day I see the pictures that he sent, I will be reminded of what is ahead of me. Thank you for also providing the email.
In Christ,
Erin Rischette
[Later....September 27, 2001]
Hello, again.
Today, at best, was tough, however, I feel a tremendous amount of strength and hope right now, having consulted with the Lord throughout the day. May God bless you and your family and give you peace. What you have done for yourselves and for others through the website is truly amazing.
This evening, when I came home from work, I felt an intense need to go through my pictures, which reside in a large (about 2 X 2 X 1.5 feet) tub. It only took me a few minutes to find the pictures that Josh sent me of California''s beautiful countryside, and of the pictures that we had fun taking while we were in Washington, D.C. Josh''s view of the world, even one so commercialized and busy as D.C. was, was truly amazing. Some of the pictures that I have do not compare to those that reside in my head after spending one beautiful weekend with your son. I would love to send you some copies of these pictures, if you like.
I cannot wait to share Josh with others. Until now, I have selfishly kept him to myself, but now I know that he was meant to be shared among the masses, a light to spread throughout the darkness. Especially in the weak moments that our country has been experiencing these past few weeks, God gives men like Josh the ability to hold the entire world upon their shoulders through their faith in Christ.
It is amazing and shocking to me that the event''s surrounding Josh''s passing took place almost 7 months ago now. The entire day I was either in complete shock or close to tears. However, it is times like these that we grow closer to people, come to rely more on and trust more in Christ. I am saddened that I was not able to meet Josh''s family while he was alive, as he talked about all of you vividly. However, maybe sometime in the future, it might be meant to be.
I believe that truly it was God today who brought me to email your son and find your web-site. I have been experiencing an extremely difficult week both physically and emotionally, but while news of Josh was difficult to take, I was also comforted by the Spirit, and reminded that through God all things are possible and that this week, like many others, will come to an end only to lead into one full of light and hope.
Josh was also a great beacon for me in the physics world, and it was awesome to discuss physics with him. Never before had I met someone so dedicated to science and yet even MORE dedicated to God. What a wonderful life!

Dear Strieby Family,
I heard the shocking news of Josh's loss today. I still can't believe that the young, energetic and full-of-life Josh is not among us. I was Josh's classmate in Physics for more than two years at C.S.U. Chico. He was the most honest and nicest person I met in my classes. As an international student, I did not feel very comfortable communicating with other students. The first person among my classmates I felt I could freely talk to was Josh. I never felt he was projecting any prejudice on me or making any judgements about me. One day I walked to the SPS room and Josh asked, "What's up?" I told him that I didn't know how to answer the question. He said all you need to say is, "Not much". After several times, the "What's up? "Not much" phrase became a joke and he would have his famous laugh that almost everybody on the first floor of the Physics department could hear.
I remember that he never took notes in our classes. At the most, he would make a short note of something. One day I asked him, "How do you do this? How can you remember all this material?" He said "I don't know. My brain works this way." And it was truly amazing. I am sure the family that raised a remarkable person like Josh will have the strength to deal with the tragedy of his loss. We will always remember Josh and his kind heart.
Samansa Maneshi

Paul and Val,
We are so sorry for your loss. We were quite startled by the news and greatly saddened. Our hearts and prayers go out for the entire family. We are so, so sorry.
We remember Josh as a kid; we even baby-sat him and the other Strieby children. Joshua always had a quick sense of humor and asked the hardest questions in my (Amy's) Sunday School. We remember him goofing around with his best friend Muffi-Jo all the time and all the laughter and comradery that they shared. It isn't often that you see a boy and girl able to be best friends in such a pure way. They had some great times together--like brother and sister.
We distinctly remember Josh getting interested in computers and coming to Danny for help. It didn't take many years for him to surpass Danny's computer knowledge. (Danny graduated from Chico State in 1985.) Danny always believed that Josh was ahead of his time in the computer technology world. He was amazing.
We remember Josh as a unique individual, even as a child. We always wondered what he would be 'when he grew up.' We just never imagined that his growing up would end so soon. Now, he is home--where his heart has been for years.
I know that he was a blessing to his family and it is so encouraging to hear that he continued to reach out and bless others as he grew.
Our hearts go out to you. We will remember you in our tears and prayers.
Danny and Amy Santee
(Former Chico State students and old friends of the Strieby Family)
I am a Christian and a faculty member in the ECE Dept. at CSU-Chico. I was doing some consulting work for USTC when Josh came to work for them. It did not take long to figure out that he was a fellow-believer! Although our time overlap there was not extensive, I
loved Josh. One day he had a lunch appointment and his car would not start, so I let him take my ugly old Plymouth Arrow. When he came back
he said "That's the sweetest shifting car I've ever driven".
When I learned of Josh's disappearance, I was stunned and even more so when I learned of his death. It is a blessing to me to read how you, his parents, see this as the hand of God. In spite of how much we might wish it were otherwise, truly He makes no mistakes.
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" Ps.115:16
Phil Hoff
As one of Josh's professors I can tell you that it was an honor to work with your son. He was an excellent student and more importantly a mentor to other students in our program. He served as President of the Society of
Physics Students for two years during which our chapter was awarded national
recognition with the Outstanding Chapter Award. In addition, during this
time he helped maintain our chapter's traditions of service to others. Josh
helped judge science fairs and was sought out by other students for tutoring.
I remember the last time I got to chat with Josh. We sat next to each other
on the bright sunny day of graduation. I remember his laugh as we talked of many things. That day is a special day for all teachers as they see their students take the first steps into their futures.

The only comfort I can try to provide you is to let you know that I am a
better person for having known your son.

Dr. David Kagan
Chair - Department of Physics
California State University, Chico
My name is Lisa Morton, and I was in the physics program with Josh.
I'm a Christian, and a single mom who returned to school after many
years. Josh was my friend and an encouragement to not only me, but to
my children also. He would freely talk about his walk with God, and
his gentleness and humor would break through the stress of life and
classes and provide sweet relief, especially at late nite study
sessions and on the weekends! He would spend literally hours helping
me with concepts and proofs that I couldn't understand, and his obvious
enjoyment and enthusiasm for the way our Lord has arranged His universe
was infectious. He never participated in the backbiting or bickering
that goes on in a small department, and I watched (and prayed) in awe
as I saw him witness to one of our peers over the course of a year.
That person is now saved, and his life has truly changed. I'm sure
this is only a small sampling of how Josh allowed God to use him.
My family and I are saddened by Josh's death, but his example of how to
walk with God is in my heart forever, and it's such a comfort to know
that he is with Jesus.
God bless you all.
To the family of Joshua,
I just read the story on your sons life in the newspaper today. I just wanted you to know that it touched me deeply. It just confirms my belief that we all have a life plan. Some paths are shorter than others. I wish that I would have known Joshua. He was such a rolemodle for young people. I pray that my son will become the type of man that Joshua was.
I will pray for you and your family. --Tanya Spittle
We had the priviledge of working along side with Josh at Neighborhood Church. He participated in our Bible Studies at Grant and Shirley Adam's home on Hawthorne. We also shared the joy of leadership in the Edge. Bob began meeting weekly with Josh, off and on, for two years to share and pray. During the last few meetings, Josh's only prayer request was that he would grow closer to God daily.
We really enjoyed Josh's simplicity and compassion. He was a true example of fulfillment being a deeper relationship with Christ, not a life filled with material things or ambitions. We believe he lived in a special place with God here on earth, and showed us what being completely sold out to Christ really looked like day-to-day.
After reading the article in the ER this morning, we both agreed that if one must go at such a young age, what a way to do it! ...in His presence, walking with Him, resting, knowing "HE" is what is REAL, and not the temporary world around us.
Denise feels she hasn't heard of a life or death, other than in Scripture, so peaceful and right. Her tears are in amazement...not sorrow. Josh's inspiring lifestyle will trully be missed. And yet, one day, we will spend more intimate moments with Josh, in the very presence of God Himself!
Love, Bob and Denise Snoke
My wife and I wanted to tell you how important Josh was to us. I first met Josh in our courses at Shasta College. Josh and I transferred to Chico State at the same time, where I later met my wife, Rena. He was one of our greatest friends. I wanted you to understand how important Josh was to both of us, especially to me, because I don't think Josh did. I struggled with the Physics course work our first semester at Chico. Just when I had accepted that I would have to drop out of the Physics program, Josh said that he was having a little difficulty with the work and asked if we could work on our homework togethor. I don't think Josh knew how much I was struggling. With his help, we both did very well. Some time later, I mentioned to Josh that I was considering oceanography for graduate school. He had recently returned from an internship with the UCSD Physics department, and mentioned that there was an oceanography school there that he walked past to get to the beach. Thanks to your wonderful son, I graduated with a double-major in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, and am now pursuing my Ph. D. at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Without Josh's help I would never have graduated with the Physics degree, and would never have known that Scripps existed.
To celebrate our graduation and my imminent wedding, my mom drove Josh and I up into Bidwell Canyon so we could spend the day tubbing down Big Chico Creek. The inner tubes gave us both rashes on our arms and backs. We were sun burnt and tired by the time we floated through the Chico State campus. My soon-to-be wife and my mom picked us up and took us to Burger Hut for dinner. It was a really fun day!
We love Josh very much. He was nothing less than an amazing influence on our lives, and we will miss him very much.
Jason and Rena Jordan
I didn't know your son, I only read his obituary in the paper because he was so young. After reading the e-mails and web site, I think Josh has a message to deliver. I think you should spread his message to more people. I was touched by his life and I'm sure others will be too. Exactly what his message is, will depend on who is listening.
Jacquie Littleton

I am one of Josh's instructors here at Shasta College. Josh was in my Calculus and Statics courses. Of course you know how talented your son was in all of his academic endeavors. He really kept me on my toes. I would go over my notes before lecture and search for "special case" examples just in case Josh asked the "what ifs". He never let me down. I had such fun waiting for him to ask, and then showing him the details. He was always so eager to learn, so smart, but he still remained humble and kind. I talked Josh into taking a Symbolic Logic class with me here at Shasta. I was overqualified, so I thought I was up for the competition. Josh really enjoyed the times that he got a 100 and I got a 98. I of course let him know that I could still swim faster than he could, but I knew that I would find an excuse to get out of a race. What good times we had!

I remember encouraging Josh to get involved with a church and youth group when he transferred to Chico. I was concerned that he would somehow get his priorities mixed up when he left home. Boy was I wrong! My heart is very heavy when I contemplate your loss. Perhaps knowing how deeply Josh touched my life, and how much I enjoyed being his teacher and friend will let you know that his life, while too short, meant so much to me and the others who were associated with him.

With sympathy and love,
Anita Maxwell

I went through the physics program with Josh, and I can tell you he was a beacon of what God can do in one's life. In his morals and ethics, he "led from the
front" and greatly encouraged me to hear God's call and come to Christianity. The last time I saw Josh was last summer, when I thanked him for the contribution he made to my life. I only hope that he carried my gratitude with him when he went. The world is darker and more grim with his passing.
Brian Willard
My name is Sharon and I usually do not write to people like this, but felt I
should. I did not know your son, but I know how you are feeling right now. We too, lost our son, eight years ago Friday, March 23. He was mountain climbing at Castle Crags State Park in Northern CA. with a friend when a spring storm struck. His friend got down, but Clint didn't make it, and when they found him the next day and got him to a hospital in Redding, he was past saving. He was also listed in the Who's Who, on the Beyer Honor Roll and editor of the Beyer Courier and was attending U.C.Santa Cruz. He was a special young man. We are not a religious family but we do believe now that God wanted Clint for a special purpose and feel that we will be with him again in the future. I can't tell you that the pain will ever go away and it does hit you sometimes when you least expect it. But Joshua is with you all the time. We can feel our son's presence and guidance and I know you will feel Joshua's presence too. My sympathy and heartfelt condolences are with you and your family.
Sharon Ford
I was touched by the article about your son and wanted to share with you...
About 15 years ago, my sister (age 21) was writing a poem about God for her coworker, stood up and fell over dead. There was no known cause of death even after extensive tests. Both of my parents, brother (14) and sister (10) along with our whole family was devastated (I was 24 and married at the time). The grief, along with the question of how & why she died affected each of us in a
different way. Some let it out and others internalized it. Some were able to give it to God completely and have peace, others took years to get over it (especially my Mom). My younger brother & sister both really had difficulties, blamed God and didn't run to God but from Him for many years. At the time, we didn't think the pain would ever go away or that it would make any since, however.....
Since my sister's death, the changes that have come about in my family are tremendous. While there has been a lot of pain and difficult times, it made us know that life is so precious and to enjoy it to the fullest extent. We cherished our children, every day we appreciated their life and health. We also grew closer to the Lord and know that through this, He was going to bring Glory. We have ministered to hundreds of people who have lost loved ones, because we have true compassion - we know their pain. The person who changed the most was my father, Melvin Haile, who now is the pastor of Family Life Church (he was a minister/pastor since he was very young). The Lord used this to bring him to the Cross and to see that he had to get out of all his (man-made) religious pharisaical ways, and taught him to really really love people. It gave him a compassion and a spirit of mercy that he never had. He is able to relate to hurting people and to love the unlovable. God really changed him - I truly believe that there is not another person anywhere that has more love than he does! God really changed him for the better!
Anyway, our family is stronger, more loving, and doing a mighty work for the
Lord (we all have a part in the ministry - I am a Minister of music, my brother the Assistant Pastor, etc.). We know that the Lord taking her, played a big role in this! Now, we are seeing so many lives touched and changed through the ministry, and we know that it took something like her death to change us and make us broken before him, yet so ready to reach out and love others. We will never fully understand why she died until we get to heaven. May the Lord Jesus Christ in His Infinite Mercy and Grace, rain down His Love upon you,
and bring you through this with His Perfect PEACE! Amen!
God Bless You!
Pam Cross
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine what you went through prior Josh being found. When Art called me on Sunday with the news, we were totally unaware that Josh was missing. In shock, I didn't know what to say. I guess there really isn't anything any of us might say that could change what has happened.
From all I've read about Josh his accomplishment, your family must have been extremely proud of him. What really stands out in this whole event is Josh's testimony. His faith and belief in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. There aren't many men of sciences that have such faith as Josh. That is not only a testimony of Josh but of the two of you and your family. It's one thing to talk the talk, but to walk the walk and go through the trials and still be confident in your faith is a gift of the Spirit.
Our loss is Josh's gain. We know where Josh is and through it all we need to rejoice, because he is where we are going. I regret your loss but I rejoice in Josh's victory.
Warren & Linda Trumbly
I went to high school with your son. We were in band together and graduated the same year. I would like to give my deepest sympathies, but also to say that because I know he was saved, he is enjoying everlasting life with Jesus Christ. Take comfort in that. Best wishes and God bless.
Aaron Stout
Technology Specialist
Capistrano Elementary School
Empire Union School District
I first met Josh at a conference that was held at Neighborhood Church on reconciliation and revival. One night the entire congregation did an exercise in standing in for our generation and asking forgiveness of the other generation. It happened that Josh was the one I was standing next to, so I asked him to forgive me (on behalf of all parents) and he asked me to forgive him (on behalf of all children). After the confessions were made and the forgiveness given we parted. The next time I saw Josh was in Ron Pate's Spiritual Warfare class. We recognized each other and that began a very warm and friendly relationship. I miss him very much. I miss looking out at the congregation on Sunday and not seeing him praying or waving the flags. Thank you so much for this web site and the opportunity to see some childhood pictures, read other's comments and share mine with you. I think the story you posted, Val, about the car stalling when he was 7 is prophetic. It seems he did exactly at 25 what he did at 7, pray and wait and go to sleep. Thank you, God, that we are comforted in knowing Josh is home with You, safe and sound.
Bless you and your family, and all of us, as we grieve over our loss.
Suzanne Brayton :-)
I am so deeply saddened by the loss of your son. He was a great light here on this earth. I will always miss the sound of his hearty laughter, and miss the sweetness of his smile. His great presence leaves a terrible emptiness in its place. I thought I should share with you some of the memories I have of Josh. Josh had an amazing mind. I was in a physics class with him. We all struggled to one degree or another with the concepts. The assignments were dreadfully difficult for me. It always took me two days (FULL DAYS) to finish one assignment. My homework was always at least 5-10 pages long. But, Josh always had to to derive every equation before he could use it. His homework assignments would be 30-60 pages. I remember our instructor began to be annoyed by the lengthy nature of Josh's work. So he told Josh that if his assignments were going to be more than 30 pages he had
to include a table of contents. And if they wer 60 pages or more there needed to be an index. Unfazed, Josh turned in the next assignment: 60 pages complete with table of contents and index. He seemed always to need to understand in a very fundamental way the nature of the universe. I know that he was seeking to understand the Lord's mysterious plan. The light shone through him as through a glass. I believe he found the answer to all of his many questions that day. It is my comfort to know that his faith was absolute. He was the most kind, gentle and loving soul I think I have ever met. I NEVER heard him speak one unkind word either to or about another person. I truly believe that Josh was an angel here on this earth sent to show us the true path to righteousness. Without ever needing to say one word about his beliefs, he spoke more clearly the word of truth by LIVING IT. He was always there to help anyone who was in need. I do not feel that his light has gone out, rather it shines through every leaf and branch, flower and singing bird in this glorious springtide earth. I just wanted you to know how much his life touched all who knew him. He is the spirit of LOVE everlasting.
Yours in sorrow,
Samantha Baumgartner
Sonora, CA
I have been looking at your beautiful website daily. You must be proud to read the encomiums from such a variety of people, from Church friends through Head of Department at CSU. God made Josh special;-- he'll just please God with his genius up in Heaven instead of with us.
"Shalom"wishes, Julian Lorenz

As you well know, I was Josh's roomate up until this last January. We have known each other over the years through The Edge at Neighborhood Church, and more recently through the intercessor group. Unfortunately, our time was cut short when I told him I was moving out to save money for my future wedding plans. But the time we did spend together was precious. He taught me so much through his encouraging words and his devotion to get up every morning at 4:00 to pray! I too will miss him, from seeing him riding his bike with his bright green helmet to his very unique laugh that always made me double over in hysterical laughter! He always knew when I needed prayer, and I truly believe that his devotion to praying for me has increased my love and relationship with my Heavenly Father. I used to always lovingly tease him about wanting to see his face without a beard. He would just reply, "whenever God tells me to shave it, I will shave." Funny how right after this last Christmas he came into my room with an annoyed look holding a shaving kit and asked "Do you want this?" (Apparently it was a gift from someone). There are soooo many questions I still have for him about science and physics. I really felt God would use him mightily to refute pro evolutionists and critics of the Christian faith. But instead of using his knowledge to debate, he simply loved on those who would criticize his Godly beliefs. All in all, I know Josh is gone for a short time. But soon we will be together again...together forever!
Gary A. Campbell
What a joy it was to hear at Josh's memorial service the impact he had on people's lives. He had grown up to be a man of God. There were several people who spoke of Josh when he was little and I too have some little tale of how he "annoyed" me. However, he also impacted my life. I was visiting with you in Modesto and it happened to be Josh's birthday. He got to pick what he wanted for breakfast and he chose to go to a restaurant. I rode with him there and engaged in some small talk. (I'm sure it was something about God!) When we arrived at the restaurant we sat next to each other, (probably so he could keep an eye on me, looking back on hindsight). You see, as soon as we got our food I picked up the salt shaker and began to salt my eggs. Josh begins to tell this story about how when JC Penny was about to hire someone he would take them out for a meal. He then said to me, "He wouldn't hire you because you had salted your eggs before even tasting them". Which would mean I jump to conclusions and make assumptions without knowing all the facts. Although he was teasing and just giving me a hard time, over the years I've remembered that story and tried not to salt my eggs before tasting them. How did I know whether or not they were already salty enough? I have tried to take that into every area of my life.
Love to you all,
Theresa Brown
What wonderful memories we have of Josh and his thankfulness at having you, Paul and Valerie, as parents. I remember that time he was practicing his trumpet over here and he said, "MY mother will back me up and support me in whatever I really want to do." How appreciative his voice when he said, "And my Dad will teach me everything he knows." How blessed you've been that God gave him to you for 25 treasured years. With our deepest sympathy and loving prayers, --Jeannene and Bruce Simons
I have been thinking about what I wanted to convey to you about Josh for a while now, hoping the right words would come. Let me first say that Josh was a dear brother to me in the Lord. I knew him through the intercessors group at Neighborhood Church. I so much enjoyed praying along side of him during our meetings and other occasions. He always impressed me with the intensity and passion with which he sought the Lord. He was very spiritually sensitive and I learned a lot about how the Lord moves and works by watching and listening to him. He was wise for his age in many ways. I also loved to be around him during worship. He truly had learned how to worship with all his heart and soul. Just thinking about him now with his hands raised in praise and his beautiful singing voice brings a smile to my face. I also had the privilege of working with him coordinating prayer for TheCallDC 2000 last September. He and I managed an online e-group to keep our intercessors informed of prayer needs for the speakers, administrators, and technical staff who made TheCallDC possible. He had great abilities regarding programming and working with the e-group program. Josh and I also bonded over being scientists. I enjoyed discussing technical things with him. Being raised by two microbiologists, it was refreshing to meet such a man of God that I could relate my past scientific experience to. I hope this gives you a taste of how much I appreciated Josh. I also want to say thank you for raising such a tender warrior in the faith. I will be praying for all of you as you adjust to Josh's absence. Praise God we know he is with our Lord and Savior where we, too, will join him someday! Blessings to you! --Jen Redeker
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." (Matt.5:9) This is the best way I could think of to sum up Josh's life. We got to share a bit with each other, and I wanted to share just a little bit with everyone about what I saw. He was a peacemaker in the churches around Chico,especially the evangelical protestant churches. His dream was to see them all united together in their common bond of love of God. On the way to the Christmas party he shared with me that he thought the one thing needed in the protestant churches was Holy Communion, and this was one of the things he prayed about a lot. He saw the need to partake of the body and blood of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ as a way to unite in the common bond that all Christians should share. He had great hopes for the pastors' conference at Richardson Springs, and it sounds like that bore great fruit. May we all take up our Crosses and bear them that maybe someday the seeds Josh cast may take root.
With love in Christ, Leland George Whitlock
I just wanted to let you know that the Monday night service for Josh was beautiful. I am continually amazed at the effect Christ had on people's lives through Josh. I remember he went camping with some of our junior highers a few years back. Paul Sr. and Jr. went also. Josh was sitting in a water-carved-out whirlpool, relaxing and soaking in God's beauty. He was waiting for us to jump in behind him and share what God had made. We did....slowly for the water was cold. The thing that impresses me the most is that he didn't care what others thought about his strong belief in God. He lived for Him and only Him. We can only say that Josh is with Him now. Praise God for eternal life! Amen.
Love you guys,
Pastor Todd Patrick
Youth Pastor, N. Modesto Church of God


We have been so blessed in reading your comments! We pray that others will gain strength from them, too. If Josh could be heard now, he would probally say something like -- "Don't look at me, keep your eyes on Him. It is in Him and through Him that we have life. Praise His Name, not mine"...

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